Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fun With Synthetik at Fort Macon

My Nightmare and I at Fort Macon :)

About a week ago, Synthetik and I decided to have a sort of date together to an old civil war fort not too far away called Fort Macon and it was so much fun!

We first went to a Dunkin' Donuts as a sort of Breakfast/Snack before we went (especially since work is right across the street and we get a discount), where he fell in love with "The Everything Bagel", I have to admit it was really really good, and I can see why he did, lol. He was born up North in New Jersey and moved down here to North Carolina when he was about four and has honestly been on the quest to find the perfect "Real Bagel" down here. I'm assuming that, while the "Everything Bagel" is probably his favorite one thus far (not counting the epic "Real Bagel" which I believe is a Salt one), it wasn't considered a real, Northern bagel, as he didn't hold it over his head like Link from Legend of Zelda and I didn't hear this: Link Finds an Item <---Click here for sound, please :) (..... I'm such a nerd :) )

A picture I took of Fort Macon :)
Anyway, we drove over to Fort Macon and we explored all the rooms and nooks. I absolutely *love* old, historical places, museums and ruins. A little known fact: I actually wanted to be an Archaeologist when I was little, so trust me, I was having a great time :) . He and I joked and called it "Fort Bacon" and talked about how we were going to take the fort and make it our castle, and joked about the mannequins and objects in the exhibits, and just had a blast :)

We got to one room that was semi-dark and partially underground and Synthetik decided to sit and have a little rest in there.

Some background info: Before I went to pick Synthetik up that day, I had a thought. "What if I write something sexy on myself in marker like they do sometimes in porn? He might like that", an odd thought, lol, I know. So I found a marker that is Synthetik's favorite color, Neon Green, and wrote a couple inches below my bra, onto my skin, "Synthetik's Slut".

While he was resting, I gathered up my courage and asked him if he wanted to see something, and he said yes. Luckily I was wearing my favorite outfit, a black, knee-length and Empire-waisted dress, so it was easy to lift up and show him the words I had written on myself.

This must've turned him on pretty much instantly, lol, because he wasted no time in coming over and started to kiss and touch me. Then he whispered in my ear, "You'll need to be really quiet, now.", lay me down on the brick of the floor (though pretty much the whole fort, walls, ceilings and most everything is brick) and fucked me right then and there :) /Happy sigh, it was great (and that's an understatement).

Now, I'm what is called a "Screamer". For those who don't know (I doubt there are very many, but still, just in case), I tend to be very loud during sex, and it's something that I can't really control very well, unless I'm wearing a ball-gag. But I was *really* surprised because I managed to stay halfway quiet (and I definitely needed to be, the rooms are all echo-y and even though it wasn't busy, anyone could walk by at any moment, though I guess that made it more fun, lol). Albeit, there were a couple times he had to remind me to keep quiet, but other than that, I think I did pretty good :)

After he and I were finished, we brushed ourselves off and tidied ourselves up (in the picture at the beginning of the post, you can actually see some of the dust/dirt on my Cloche hat from our little romp, lol) and explored a little more before heading to Panera Bread and getting some lunch. He and I had never been there before, and it was *so* good! I'm such a bread-lover and I thought it was great :) I had some Chicken Noodle soup in a Bread bowl and a sandwich.

After we ate, we headed to his house and watched a movie and just cuddled together.

All in all it was such a great day and I had so much fun with Synthetik :) And knowing he had fun too made it all the better :) We're both hoping we'll be able to do something like this again in the near future :)

Thanks for reading :) I hope you all enjoyed reading about the fun day we had :)


  1. I want to have super hot fort sex *pouts and huffs* Lucky girl :P

  2. LOL! I giggled out loud when I read you guys were calling it "Fort Bacon". That was too cute. It sounds like you both had a great time. <3

  3. Thanks :) We had so much fun!

    I remember when Synthetik and I were walking up to the fort itself, I told him, "Honey! If you blur your vision and look at the brick walkway, and the fort itself, even. It looks like it's paved with Turkey bacon! :D "